Tripod Gantry Kit

Tripod Gantry Kit

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A tripod gantry kit provides a mobile, heavy-lifting solution almost anywhere, including tight spaces and outdoor locations without overhead structures, cranes, or forklift access.

Our in house manufactured tripods are built with high quality steel and assembled using nuts and bolts.

The tripod gantry kit can be used on all hard surfaces using our standard flat feet.

A standard kit includes 2 tripods, 1 joining cross member and 2 securing brackets.

Ideal for maintenance and repair operations such as on site sump pump removal or conveyor drive swap outs.

Telescopic adjustable height legs are available on request.

The unit comes standard with a central lifting lug to mount a chain block or lever hoist.

Optional hot dipped galvanized finish ensures longevity of the unit.

Safe working load of up to 3 tons per assembly kit.

Large feet also available for soft surfaces.

Lead to time to manufacture is 5 – 7 working days.