Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist-Drop Forged






Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist-Chain Stripper-02






Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist-Safeguarding-03

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist-Dual Brake-04


Tiger BrandTiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist – The professional’s choice

The Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist has been designed and developed to be certified for safe use Subsea, and is thus also suitable for most harsh and extreme applications.

It comes equipped with a unique dual brake mechanism that automatically engages when the lever hoist feels the slightest resistance on the bottom hook. This key feature means that the SS11 will raise, hold, and lower the lightest of loads without slipping. The two stage process protects against accidental light load failures caused by putting the hoist into neutral whilst under load. The unique design features and anti-corrosion properties incorporated in the SS11 hoist range, including the one piece construction pinion gears, give it significant safety advantages over standard lever hoists, making the hoist the ideal tool for all marine, mining and other extreme applications.

The Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist meets and exceeds the requirements of IMCA DO28 Rev. 1 “Guidance on the use of chain lever hoists in the offshore subsea environment”, as well as other industry client specifications whilst conforming to standards such as BS EN 13157:2004, ANSI/ASME B30.21-2005, AS1418.2 and SANS 1636.

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist Features:

  • Range from 800kg – 20000kg
  • *NEW* Patented Twin Cam shaped pawl design
  • Unique dual brake mechanism
  • One piece construction pinion gears
  • No requirement for pre-load tension to activate the ratchet mechanism
  • Lifts, holds and lowers the load at 2% of rated capacity so no light load failures
  • Over 1000 hours corrosion protection under ASTM B117 salt spray test conditions
  • Certified and proven track record
  • Overload protection available
  • SANS 1636 compliant

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist Spec Table

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist

Tiger S11 Subsea Lever Hoist