H-Type Articulating Lifting Beam

A single top point lifting beam has a centre lifting lug at the top to accommodate a crane hook and 2 or more bottom lugs at each end for connecting shackles or slings.



The H-type articulating lifting beam provides a 4-point articulating lifting system. This configuration has 2 beams supported by 1 centre transverse beam.

The beams are coupled by shackles for the purpose of reducing the forces exerted on the beams by an unevenly distributed load.

Additionally, the coupling functionality allows for convenient transport of the h-type lifting beam system. To clarify, the beams can be uncoupled and stacked side-by-side, thus reducing packing space.

A H-type articulating lifting beam can be configured for unbalanced loads and can be adjusted for off-centre loads.

We are able to manufacture standard and bespoke custom sizes within 1-3 weeks.