Combination Lifting Beam

A single top point lifting beam has a centre lifting lug at the top to accommodate a crane hook and 2 or more bottom lugs at each end for connecting shackles or slings.



The combination lifting beam is an amalgamation of a lifting beam and a spreader beam. It offers the versatility of a dual purpose beam.

Two lifting points on the top of the beam attach to the legs of a chain, steel wire rope or synthetic sling at a particular angle designed to ensure pure compression. The beam distributes the weight of the load across the two slings.

On the underside of the beam there are typically two or more evenly-spaced lifting lugs that attach to and support the load via hook or sling.

A combination lifting beam offers better stability than a normal lifting beam.

It requires more headroom than a lifting beams due to the two-legged sling arrangement required at the top.

We are able to manufacture standard and bespoke custom sizes within 1-3 weeks.