Lifting Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a company devoted to providing cost-effective solutions to lifting and related problems.

Lifting Solutions, with applied personal experience and knowledge gained from 1973 onwards, is a manufacturer and supplier of lifting frames, A-frames, gantries, spreader beams, grabs, lifting gear, rigging equipment and attachments via re-sellers, agents and distributors. Lifting Solutions is also a supplier of lifting tackle, rigging, pulling and lashing equipment to the mining, industrial, construction, transport, railways and harbours sectors.

The brands supplied include Fitop and Maixhoist (electric chain hoists) Duke (250v electric chain hoist and builders winch), Ilula (chain blocks, lever hoists and web slings), Tiger (subsea lifting equipment and crawls), Thiele (steel chain, lifting and transport points), Van Beest (green pin shackles and rope clamps), Maxiwinch (wire rope pullers), Maxigrab (plate grabs), Maxiclamp (beam clamps), Maximag (lifting magnets), HARU (fall arrestors), ARM (steel rope cutters), PAT NGK (wire grips), Talurit (ferrules), VitaQuip (turn buckles and rigging screws). All steel wire rope, wire rope slings, rope accessories, grade 80 and 100 chain, grade 80 and 100 chain slings and chain accessories are marketed under the trade name Vitalift.

Products are sourced from factories around the world, which have been thoroughly investigated and are fully compliant with ISO regulations and registered with major shipping registers such as Lloyds Register of Shipping and the American Bureau of Shipping where applicable.

Lifting equipment